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Wibird swooped into existence in 2014 and set out to change the way schools work with their IT support providers. We wanted to set ourselves apart from the stereotype of an IT support company and challenge the preconception that contacting IT Support would be an unrewarding experience and a last resort.


Specialising in providing IT support to primary schools gave us a fantastic foundation. It means we are able to devote time to really understand the primary education landscape and build a more complete understanding of our customers rather than only knowing about their technical needs. This specialisation is greatly helped by our past involvement in education. Between our 3 field consultants we have over 35 years’ experience of providing IT support services to schools. 


  • We will always look for the simplest and most elegant solution to any given problem

  • We will take every opportunity to talk to and understand the needs of our customers

  • We will always leave a customer with a better technical understanding

  • We will continually look for ways to save our customers money whilst improving their resources

  • We will work with teachers to understand the teaching and learning process and share our knowledge of technology to improve lessons

  • We will be flexible in how we work such that our service complements the school’s needs




  • Raising staff ICT competencies through one-to-one training, group INSET training, and instructional documents

  • Finding ICT Solutions to improve your school

  • Support for all ICT systems no matter who the school chooses to buy from

  • Installation, maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing improvements of your ICT systems

  • Working with senior leaders to deliver all ICT aspects of your School Improvement Plan

  • Working closely with other providers to get the best outcomes for your school


  • Day-to-day management of your school network: full support for wireless & wired infrastructure

  • Network & server support, upgrades and performance tuning

  • Desktop & laptop support, Macs, iPads, Android support and training

  • School admin staff and systems: all printers, photocopier/multifunction machines

  • Curriculum staff and systems: lesson-based support, interactive display screens, visualisers, scanners & cameras


Our remote support services are designed with no limit to the number of users or computers, and with no limit to the amount of remote support time available to you.


Our remote support services include:


  • Remote access to your workstations and servers

  • Proactive monitoring of systems to identify and fix problems before they result in downtime


  • Consultation services with impartial advice

  • Wireless network installations  

  • Wired network and infrastructure installations

  • Audio and Visual installations and servicing 

  • Staff ICT satisfaction and competency surveys

  • ICT software, network, and hardware audits

  • Data security & website compliance advice 

  • Monitoring and e-safety systems

  • CCTV Installations

  • Door entry systems and intercoms



What does a school need from an IT provider?

Whatever you think you need, only when you work with WiBird will you find out what you actually need!  The Wibird team founded by Stuart Lamond, are passionate about school and curriculum IT. As well as being brilliant engineers and technicians to accommodate all your high-tech requirements, the team are always looking outward to help schools find the right IT solution to meet their curriculum and personalise any solution for their school. 

Priestmead Primary School

Wibird are more than just a SLA…they are an integral part of the school.  As a school going through a new build, we have used their expertise not only for procurement but also to look at what is on the horizon with technology – latest LED screens, best broadband, green screen, use of tablets, all presented in a way for the least IT savvy person to understand.

Wibird? Why not?  We cannot recommend them highly enough to you!


Sash Hamidi, Headteacher,

Priestmead Primary School, Kenton






Wibird Limited

Suite 4 Milton Keynes Business Centre

Foxhunter Drive

Linford Wood

Milton Keynes

MK14 6GD.


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